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A most awesome writing tool

Created by Peter Kaptein

Create novels, short stories, research papers, notes.

Track progress on individual documents and your entire project.

Relate documents and items to people, places, plot points and actions.

NovaScriber offers you a full set of functionalities to ease your writing and simplify all the data around complex projects.

Release 31-03-2021 is available for Windows. See changelog.

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Important: NovaScriber is currently in Beta and under a monthly test/fix/release cycle. If you find any bugs, check here first if there is an update. You can use our facebook page to report any bug we did not fix yet.

If you want to know more about the business model behind NovaScriber, check here.

In a nutshell

Create your content

Write your novel, short stories, research paper with our awesome tools to manage and create your content

Add your images

Add and manage inspirational images per document, decide which will be used as cover.

Check your statistics

See your word count, your overall progress, and many more statistics per document, chapter and project.

Visualize chapters and scenes

Click on related elements to show them in the diagram. Add lines. Describe the relationships

Sketch out maps and illustrations

Draw lines and shapes. Use given icons. Create maps. Add visuals. Re-use the result anywhere as an image.

Build your outline

Create new documents, add summaries, drag and drop items to change the order of your scenes and chapters.

Use your templates

Create and use templates for character sheets, definitions of locations and plot points

Manage your time lines

Use our simple and effective means to build and manage your story time line any time in your process.

Map your relationships

Keep track of what happens where and who is involved with our powerful relational engine.

Manage your to-do’s

Keep track on what needs to happen with our awesome manage- and reporting tools.

Recover your versions

You are always safe with auto-save and auto backups.

Publish your work

Publish specific parts of your manuscript, or everything at once, fast, in e-pub and MS Word format.

Select your theme

From light and sepia to dark mode. Simple styles, simple choice to make your working environment feel better.

Work distraction free

Hide all panels around your working area. Work distraction free.


Offering features like chat, comments and immediate synchronization on changes, NovaScriber allows you to work together with others


Each element of your story and feedback can be given a color, based on your own needs and visual language

Project Settings

To give you more control over several aspects of NovaScriber, you can use the Project Settings

Document styling

Determine what your documents look like after publishing